I. Allegrova was born on 20 january 1952  in Rostov-on-Don. Her father was a theatrical stage manager, actor armenian SSR, mother - opera singer. Her father has taken himself a creative pen name - Allegrov.


In the childhood Irina could not sing even two notes. But parents even so have returned her in the musical school, when is renderred that she had will fine develop an internal rumour.

In the tenth class, when was necessary deliver exams, Irina has gone on tours with the orchestra radio and television.
Irina married early, in 18 years. She loved one person, but he has prefered her the another. And in the revenge to him Irina married for the young man, which long ago obtained her location. Soon beside they were given birth daughter Lala, but their marriage from this did not become more permonent. Soon they devosed and thereafter nor Irina, nor her daughter have not anymore met this person.
Through two years after giving birth her daughter Irina went to conquer Moscow. She has left Lala on the charge of her mother.
First Allegrova worked in the variety show of restaurants. But for a long time it there is not delayed, because on her own words there was much huntsmans to her body. But for her it was "impossible to take a horizontal position" for the acheeving her career. If she hadn't observed this principle, her way to stars would be much shorter.

In 1984 s she got aguainted with young producer Vladimir Dubovickii and soon they married. Her husband introduced Irina to the composer Oscar Felcman. And literally through several weeks cantoes Allegrova sang in the creative evening of this composer.
In 1985 Dubovickii with David Tuchmanov created group "Electroclub", first soloists, which were Irina Allegrova and Igor Talcov. But in initial compositions a group did not get popularity.
The First award Allegrova conquered in 1987 on the professional scene - to become a laureate all-union contest "Golden tuning fork". (Zolotoi Kamerton)

 That summer group "Electroclub" infused three musicians of group "Forum", amongst what was superpopular in that years singer Victor Saltikov. Popularity of group had increased. Sufficiently speak that accompany the musicians on the station to come more then 500 fans.
But in spite of popularity of group, stay she becomes seek of working with this group. She wanted to sing cantoes of lyrical plan, what in compositions of group to do was not controlled. Finally, in 1990 she leaved group "Electroclub" and strewn with Dubovickii (later he married on the singer Tatiana Ovsienko).

Abandonning on the free sail Allegrova little time occupied herself by producing deals. Then she sent herself in helps two directors - Hizri Baitaziev and Abram Sandler. In, which  Irina basically executing cantoes of Igor Nikolaev. In 1992 in "Olympic" were first solo concertoes of Allegrova, which had enourmous successes near by publics.Her interesting voice (spoiled as far back as "Electroclub"), challenge habits on the scene as, which impossible are exactly comprised of waiting a public and are allowed her shall occupy her place in the internal bandstand.


Because of singed by Irina cantoes of Victor Chaika "Transit passenger" Nicolaev offended on her and their creative relations were broken to five years. Later, Chaika has written to her such hits, as "Love-thief", "Draughts".
In 1993 publics become known on the novel of Irina with the dancer from her group, 33-year Igor Kapusta.


 On 8 may 1994 Irina Allegrova and Igor Kapusta are crowned in the church on Nejdanova. Circle invited was narrow and consisted of native and nearest friends of family.
After the wedding they have moved for the city, in the splendid three-story house with pool. But in the beginning of 2000 year they got devoste.
Regrettably that was packed not only happiness. Then died its father, who was with her much close.

With 1996 on 1999 lasted a creative novel of Irina and Igor Krutoi. But in november of 99 Irina released an album "Theatre", in which was not nor one of his cantoes. From her interview: "There was a time, when he wanted to give me his own cantoes and I wanted their sing. But either as all creative people, we need to repose a friend from the friend.









From the interview of Irina: "If short to describe my life, will be got watching. Vein small girl, which grown amongst the good talented people. Afterwards  has fallen into the big terrible wood. Heard, what is a unsincere, dirt, treachery. Before her was a big heavy oak door, for which much wanted to get and say: "You only see me here, can I something can". The most open gravely, but nobody did not want to help. Quietly, shoulder postponed it, postponed... and opened".

the full version of biography in the book of Fedor Razzakov "Report on Stars"